Born Into Babylon

by Matt Carey

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"Born Into Babylon" is Matt Carey's official debut release, a full-length 13 track collection. The album delivers a refreshing and unique take on house music, weaving a diverse journey through sound, rhythm and culture.


released June 20, 2016

Mastered at Metronome Studios by Brendan Connors

Guitar on "Do you think she's a freak" - Charley Zahringer (Viral Sound)

Flute and Production partner on "Everywhere we go" - Michael Alfred Wagner (Biomigrant)


all rights reserved



Matt Carey Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: Rhoses
Nothing in this world feels better than a warm sunny day from your weatherman.
But I would be being untrue if I didn't say, Nothing feels better than you. Seeing your body, its making me naughty. Thinking about you, its making me want you again.
Track Name: Breath of Fresh Air
Baby I just need some air to breathe far beyond toxicity, the system always gets to me, Find myself running away. Baby i just need some air to breathe.
Track Name: Its Just Sweat
Come on girl its just sweat, You'll feel better afterwards I bet
Work it out while your having some fun, Sip some water let it drip down your chest.
Track Name: Why Do I love House Music
Why Do I Love House Music So Much
If you don't get it I hope someday you do......

Its this feeling deep inside,
Its this eternal moment in time,
A nostalgic feeling I&I have known since existence began to unwind,
Since the first days of rhythm, sticks on sticks, the shaman's drum.
Ayahuasca instead of rum.
All the way to the First days I get out the club and catch the first rays that come from the sun
LSD it makes me see Im wet with music dripping off of me
People up for work, no thoughts of sleep.
I see a rat race i never want to lead.
I'm Dedicated to the music, there's no turning back.
I gotta get to the apartment so I can make this new track,
I've had it running through my crown since they shut the speakers down,
And i'm moving and grooving on my skateboard and i'm falling through the cracks because the sky looks so damn beautiful....I can't take my eyes off her.

Why Do I Love House Music So Much?

That Voice,
That comes over the system and lays down some knowledge or says something inspiring and your legs are tiring.
And that couch over there starts to look real nice.
But you feel that message and your all spice,
Like magic. You've got it, you have it.
That bouncy bassline's got you Jackin'
Your out there on the floor taking your soul to depths you've never explored
And when that sound is proper, give me some more!
Roots and Education, Grooves and Undulations, Inspiration and Power
Journeys by the hour.
Made in the USA babylon system couldn't keep us away.
Selections with culture and diversity, raw vibrational frequency
This is worldwide, all around the globe.
This is viral. This is about struggle and survival.
This is about uniting with your brothers and sisters and finding out that,
We are the transistors.
For positive vibrations.
Track Name: Everywhere We Go (Ft. Biomigrant)
Everybody wanna get up, get up
We all know its a set up, set up
Aint getting no better, everywhere we go

Everybody wanna get up, get up
We all know its a set up, set up
Trying to make it better, everywhere we go
Track Name: What Its Worth
This is what its worth

Lost in the music, found in the movement
Baby there aint no right or wrong way to do it
Just do your thing first, no need to rehearse
We came here tonight to find out what its really worth

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